Our Mission

Our Headache Cap Australia Story 

Headache cap Australia is a family business. We are a married couple with 2 kids working in IT Technology for the past many years and live in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years, we accumulated stress and anxiety, and could not find any better products in the market to help us overcome the tension headaches. 

Then, we found Headache cap, which provides an overall 360 degree coverage with cold and hot therapy and helps relieve our tension and stress. 

Our Mission 

It is now, our mission to provide the same pain relief to many Australians, who suffer from various types of headaches and give them a natural pain relief instead of medicines. 

Our Values 

We stand by our principles and values, we believe in 

  • Trust 
  • Quality and 
  • Fast and Free Delivery of the Products 

Connect with us 

We are available on major social media platforms (facebook, instagram, TikTok and twitter). Give us a thumbs up, follow us on our product updates and journey. You can also email us at hello@headachecap.com.au